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Judaica Sales Reg'd has the largest stock anywhere in the world of Judaica related philately - be it stamps, First Day Covers, maximum Cards, special cancels and cachets etc . Our search engine allows you to search for and display stamps by Country or Topic, and recently added items in the last 30-60-90 days. For instance, to display all stamps from a particular country, choose country in the drop down box on the left; a new drop down box will appear on the right with all countries for which we have have stamps and First day covers available for sale. To choose the country you want, just scroll down the list. Of course you can also see the entire list of countries available by clicking on right here. To select a topic - Holocaust - for example, select Topic from the drop down box on the left, and type Holocaust in the search box that appears on the right, or click right here to see our complete list of topics and names available - almost 1000 in total. By clicking on the one you want, you will access that list. When searching by topic, please search in the plural tense, ie: stamps instead of stamp. Some exceptions may occur. To execute either search simply click Search. To browse all stamps on our list irrespective of country or topic, select all and click search. To view stamps added in the last 30, 60 or 90 days simply use the New Additions Search box. You must return to this search engine for a subsequent search by country or topic.
PLEASE NOTE: This listing is generally reserved for stamps, First Day Covers and maxicards, with the odd exception. Please see our listing of cachets and cancellations where superb Judaica related entires - postcards and covers - are also listed. (An entire is a postcard or cover on which the stamp is imprinted. Some like Moldova have First Day of issue cancels, where others like Poland do not.

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To browse through the list (the number of pages will depend on the size of the list) simply use the navigation buttons under the list of items. The buttons read as; First - takes you to the beginning of the list, Previous - takes you back one page, Next - takes you forward one page, Last - takes you to the end of the list (not the last yearly listing).

When available, click on the    icon to view a photo sample of the item, or click on the    icon to view the item's First Day Cover.
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Catalog #   Description
359-61 Click to view First Day Cover Founding of first Synagogue at Joden Savane in Surinam in 1685
391 Click to view item Map noting showing Joden Savane, site of the 1st Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere in 1685
661-2 Martin Luther translated Old Testament into German, later became rabid anti-Semite
759-61 Click to view item 100th Ann of Esperanto with portrait of Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof
927 Click to view item Click to view First Day Cover 500th Ann of the Expulsion from Spain with Menorah and Star of David motif
1098-1103 Click to view item # 1099 - Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem
1339a-f #1339b - Milton Friedman and #1339f - Gary Becker, both Nobel Laureates in economics from USA
1394a-ab Click to view item Chess board of 64 squares of which 29 are stamps (balance labels), showing the board at a particular moment of a game between Mikhail Botvinnik and Keres in Moscow 1948 Very difficult sheet to find.

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