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Our stock of Judaica stamps and covers includes over 10,000 different items and growing. We have been in business over 35 years, servicing Judaica collectors, both beginners and advanced in over 30 countries worldwide. The variety of our stock is second to none, and our list of satisfied customers is continually growing, witness to the quality, service and prices of our product lines, which includes – besides Judaica stamps and covers - Israel stamps and covers, Judaica documents of all types, Judaica autographs, postcards, antique maps and prints of the Holy Land, and much much more!

This web site is extensive! It enables you to browse our entire database, with full descriptions and prices, and full color digital images of many items. You can browse the lists in almost any order you want, or you can search the lists for specific items. Equally important for you the customer, this website enables us to frequently update our lists with new items on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis with various specials as we acquire them. When browsing our lists, you simply click on the icon next to the product to view it's image if one is available. To order a product simply click on the price of the product you want and it will be added to your shopping cart. For detailed ordering instructions click here click here.

We are also purchasers of all types of Judaica collectibles, from individual items to entire collections and estates. We are constantly on the lookout for good quality material. So if you are considering disposing of some or all of your material at some time or other, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

JUDAICA SALES REG'D is the pre-eminent PHILATELIC JUDAICA DEALER in the world, with the largest JUDAICA stock of stamps, covers, cancellations and related material. Every item purchased is identified as to its JUDAICA CONNECTION. No other dealer - anywhere in the world - offers this unique service.

So - Come in, please stay a while, and let us hear from you. We can always be reached in person, by fax, E-mail or at the telephone number listed below (except, of course, when we are away at exhibitions, vacation or on Jewish holidays). We hope you'll enjoy your stay and we hope to count you amongst our many satisfied customers.

The Credo of a Judaica Collector

Collections are a study of JEWISH HISTORY and a pursuit of the glorious HERITAGE OF THE JEW. The history of a people is not limited to the pronouncements of its elected leaders or the actions of its public institutions. Neither is history to be confined to major movements and trends alone. HISTORY IS ALL THESE THINGS, yet it is so much more.History is the narration of the lives, aspirations, achievements and tribulations of a people. History is a combination of public and private events, of major movements and minor happenings.

Interest in the achievement of Jews is not limited to those who dedicated their lives to furthering Jewish causes, BUT ALSO IN THE SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENTS OF JEWS IN EVERY LEGITIMATE REALM OF HUMAN INVOLVEMENT. We are interested in Jews who excelled in science, and those who made a name for themselves in the arts. We are interested in Jews who achieved military eminence and we are curious about those Jews who reached positions of political and diplomatic prominence.

Surely there must be reasons for the pre-eminence of Jews which is out of every proportion to our numerical strength in any country in the world outside of ISRAEL. What is it about the JEWISH COMMUNITY in any given country in the world which numerically accounts for the smallest fraction of the total population, yet produces a significant percentage of its host country's leaders in almost every field of endeavor?

A JUDAICA COLLECTION, THEREFORE, IS A "MIRROR' of JEWISH HISTORY AND CREATIVITY throughout the entire world, from creation on down through the centuries. Events that have literally shaped the world and changed the destiny of man, famous discoveries and inventions, the arts and sciences, letters and literature, sports, diplomacy and politics, history and geography and so much more - almost every topic one can think of, can be found in PHILATELIC JUDAICA.

The collector will find the excitement of discovering that famous Jews and Jewish topics and themes are celebrated on postage stamps in far flung places of the world from Albania to Zanzibar, and from Algeria to Zaire. Collections can be built around individuals or topics, and the choice is varied. What is more, it is a collection you and you alone choose and no one else's. No two PHILATELIC JUDAICA COLLECTIONS can ever be alike. Your collection reflects your interests and your personality. Add to that the excitement of your own research and discover that certain stamp may be JUDAICA RELATED, and you have a formula for collecting stamps that just can't be beat. Collecting PHILATELIC JUDAICA also includes the collecting of First Day Covers, which complement the stamps, as well as special cancellations or cachets commemorating events or individuals. All such material is equally as valid in a PHILATELIC JUDAICA COLLECTION.

Judaica Sales Reg'd holds membership in the following philatelic organizations:
The American
Philatelic Society
The American
Topical Association
Society of Israel
The Canadian Stamp
Dealers Association

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