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Judaica Documents: Palestine (Pre May 14, 1948)

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Item # Country   Year Description
16287 Palestine Sale of a plot of land, burial shroud and monument for burial on the Mount of Olives. Superb seal of the Organization featuring Western Wall in the center of the seal. Some fraying at edges but still very nice
16284 Palestine 1878 HABAZELETH - First page only of the 2nd Hebrew newspaper in Eretz Israel after Ha'Levanon. Represented the Hassidic community as opposed to the mostly secular Ashkenazi community at the time. Published by Yisrael Dov Frumkin
16264 Palestine 1909 Ahuzat Bayit, Jaffa printed letter written in Hebrew regarding fund raising for the land and area of Tel-Aviv. The start of a metropolis. Historical and VERY RARE!
16280 Palestine 1909 4 signatures of builders of Tel-Aviv on letterhead of Achuzath Baith Co building homes in Jaffa. Letter sent to Anglo-Palestine Co. (Bank), re: financing, transfer of land, etc. all this 5 months BEFORE establishment of Tel-Aviv. HISTORICAL!!!
16272 Palestine 1916 Hand written in German, document from Autrian-Galician-Israelite community in Palestine with rounded seal of Western Wall.
16285 Palestine 1918 British General Staff Intelligence pass to Mr. S. Hoofien of Anglo-Palestine Bank to travel to Jaffa via Kantara. Mr. Hoofien later signed Israel's first banknotes. With intelligence branch oval cachet
16286 Palestine 1921 English letter from Palestine Zionist Comm to Czech railways requesting reduction in railway fares for Rabbi Moshe Ostrovsky & wife, delegates to 12th Zionist Congress in Carslbad. Superb Zionist cachet, signature of Acting Chairman of Zionist Comm.
16265 Palestine 1922 Pamphlet "The Hope" issued by the youth group of the Jewish settlements in and around Petach Tikva. Very interesting contents.
16288 Palestine 1925 Hand stencilled pamphlet "Fighting Youth", issued by the B. Borochov Working Youth Movement, a Communist Zionist group in Jerusalem. With hammer and sickle logo.
16269 Palestine 1929 Cert of registration for a parcel of land sold in Mandate Palestine, to a New York resident for 10 Eretz Israel (Palestine) pounds. Superb
16293 Palestine 1930 (date appx) Superb blank receipt of the Rabbinical College Ohel Jacob Vedegel Torah for Sephardic community of Tiberias, Palestine
16262 Palestine 1930 Various dates. A group of 5 sports related labels, flyers, etc.
16273 Palestine 1930 (date appx) JNF telegram form designed by artist Joseph Budko. Nicely repaired.
16263 Palestine 1931 Mayor of Tel-Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, wishes all citizens a year of building and productivity. Mimeographed flyer.
16268 Palestine 1932 Flyer for a dance taking place in Jaffa in 1932. In 3 languages, English, Arabic, Hebrew. Seems like everyone danced well together then.
16289 Palestine 1932 Carbon copy of letter written in French informing secretary of Jaffa District Court, Mr. Kamenitz, of the death of the German Consul in Jaffa, and funeral arrangements.
16279 Palestine 1934 Superb share transfer of the Palestine Corporation Ltd with 500mils embossed red revenue stamp, consular service stamps, and Seal of the British Consulate in Alexandria, Egypt. 2 diff ones available
16281 Palestine 1935 B'nai Brith Palestine Housebuilding Fund Ltd share certificate in mint condition, with receipts attached. Receipts have staple holes where they were torn out of book of shares.
16292 Palestine 1936 Italian Nat'l Insurance Co. 6 page policy and receipt with 2 Palestine embossed Revenue stamps, dated Rome, made out in the name of David Hess in Jerusalem
16294 Palestine 1937 Gov't of Plaestine Certificate of naturalization in 3 languages, English, Hebrew and Arabic, in the name of Joseph Frankel.
16278 Palestine 1937 Palestine Naturalization Cert. for Dr. Abraham Zifroni, formerly Gimpel, with photos, superb embossed seals, 2 other related documents including Hashomer Hatzair Aliya Hebrew document from Poland. Extremely interesting!
16274 Palestine 1938 Jewish Agency Aliya (Immigration) I.D. card issued to 16 year old Austrian Jew, large box cachet
16290 Palestine 1940 Government of Palestine (with printed seal) Gazette newspaper wrapper sent on His Majesty's Service. Small tears.
61-003 Palestine 1940 (date appx) Superb mint set of 3 Palestine telegram forms in Hebrew, English, Arabic. Pristine, colourful and superb, suitable for framing.
16277 Palestine 1940 (Date appx) Note from Jewish Police Officers to recruiting officer in Jerusalem recommending a Mr. Ernest Bauschwitz, a clerk with the RAF, as a candidate for enlistment. With box cachet of the Jewish settlement (Notrim) force
61-002 Palestine 1940 Receipts for 1 Palestine Pound donation to the Keren Barzel or Iron Fund of the Irgun
16297 Palestine 1940 A US consular notice sent to a Mr. Samuel Sommerfeld regarding his visa application to the USA, informing him that his name has been entered on the German Quota waiting list.
16270 Palestine 1941 A program of a musical presentation by the Palestine Light Orchestra playing for the Alexandria Fleet Club in Egypt
16271 Palestine 1941 Mini poster announcing four movies in Tel-Aviv at the Garrison Cinema by Australian Fox Movietone News. With filing holes on both sides.
16283 Palestine 1941 Certificate of discharge in English from the Palestine Police Force, issued at Lydda District. Somewhat tattered at sides, but still nice
61-001 Palestine 1943 Ha'Hayal Haivri - The Hebrew soldier's newspaper. 24 page pamhplet, yellowed with age but still in good condition
16296 Palestine 1944 Government of Palestine immigrant card with photo I.D.
16291 Palestine 1945 Red Cross postal message from Jerusalem with Red Cross Ankara cancel, to Czechoslovakia, inquiring as to health of parents.
16275 Palestine 1945 MISHMAR, daily Hebrew newspaper May 8, announcing the surrender of German forces in Europe. Yellowed and folded over, but nice.
16260 Palestine 1947 Tel-Hai Fund 4 page document in Yiddish from the executive to subscribers for fund raising. Mint condition

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